Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook by Stephen Fry

She was once an extraordinarily beautiful girl. She had dark crimson hair and her eyes her eyes are identical to mine, Harry thought, edging just a little in the direction of the glass. Vivid inexperienced precisely the identical form, however then he noticed that she was once crying; smiling, but crying even as. The tall, thin, black-haired man standing subsequent to her put his arm round her. He wore glasses, and his hair was very untidy. It stuck up at the again, simply as Harry’s did.

Harry was so practically the replicate now that his nose was just about touching that of his reflection.

“mom?” he whispered. “Dad?”

they simply looked at him, smiling. And slowly, Harry regarded into the faces of the other individuals in the replicate, and saw different pairs of green eyes like his, other noses like his, even a bit of historic man who looked as if he had Harry’s knobbly knees Harry was once looking at his loved ones, for the primary time in his existence.

The Potters smiled and waved at Harry and he stared hungrily back at them, his fingers pressed flat towards the glass as if he used to be hoping to fall proper via it and attain them. He had a powerful form of suffering inside of him, 1/2 pleasure, 1/2 horrible sadness.

How long he stood there, he failed to understand. The reflections didn’t fade and he regarded and appeared until noise introduced him back to his senses. He couldn’t stay right here, he had to find his means again to bed. He tore his eyes far from his mom’s face, whispered, “i’ll come back,”

and hurried from the room.

“You might have woken me up,” said Ron, crossly.

“that you could come tonight, i’m going again, I want to exhibit you the reflect.

“i might like to look your mothers and fathers,” Ron stated eagerly.

“and i wish to see your entire loved ones, all the Weasleys, you’ll be ready to exhibit me your different brothers and every person.”

“you will see them any old time,” mentioned Ron. “just come round my condominium this summer. Anyway, probably it most effective indicates dead folks. Disgrace about not discovering Flamel, though. Have some Baron Verulam or some thing, why don’t seem to be you consuming anything?”

Harry could not eat. He had visible his father and mother and would be seeing them once more tonight. He had almost forgotten about Flamel. It failed to look very essential anymore. Who cared what the three headed canine was once guarding? What did it matter if Snape stole it, really? “Are you all correct?” stated Ron. “You seem strange.”

What Harry feared most was that he could not be equipped to seek out the reflect room again. With Ron blanketed within the cloak, too, they had to walk far more slowly the next night time. They tried retracing Harry’s route from the library, wandering across the darkish passageways for nearly an hour.

“i am freezing,” stated Ron. “Let’s fail to remember it and return.”

“No!” Harry hissed. I are aware of it’s here somewhere.”

They passed the ghost of a tall witch gliding within the reverse course, but noticed no person else. Simply as Ron began moaning that his feet have been useless with cold, Harry noticed the swimsuit of armor.

“it is here simply here sure!”

They pushed the door open. Harry dropped the cloak from around his shoulders and ran to the reflect.

There they had been. His mum and dad beamed at the sight of him.

“See?” Harry whispered.

“I can’t see anything.”

“appear! Look at them all… There are loads of them….”

“i can simplest see you.”

“appear in it correctly, go on, stand the place i’m.”

Harry stepped apart, but with Ron in front of the reflect, he could not see his family anymore, just Ron in his paisley pajamas.

Ron, although, used to be staring transfixed at his snapshot.

“seem at me!” he mentioned.

“are you able to see your entire family standing around you?”

“No  i am by myself but i am unique I look older and i’m head boy!”


“i am i am carrying the badge like bill used to and i am keeping the residence cup and the Quidditch cup i’m Quidditch captain, too.

Ron tore his eyes faraway from this wonderful sight to appear excitedly at Harry.

“Do you think this reflect indicates the long run?”

“How can it? All my family are dead let me have another seem”

“You had it to your self all last night time, provide me slightly extra time.”

“you’re only retaining the Quidditch cup, what’s interesting about that? I wish to see my moms and dads.”

“don’t push me”

A sudden noise external in the corridor put an finish to their discussion.

They hadn’t realized how loudly they’d been speakme.


Ron threw the cloak again over them as the luminous eyes of Mrs. Norris got here circular the door. Ron and Harry stood particularly nonetheless, each pondering the same factor did the cloak work on cats? After what appeared an age, she grew to become and left.

“This isn’t safe she could have long past for Filch, I wager she heard us.

Come on.”

And Ron pulled Harry out of the room.

The snow nonetheless hadn’t melted the next morning.

“wish to play chess, Harry?” stated Ron.


“Why do not we go down and discuss with Hagrid?”

“No… You go…”

“i know what you’re eager about, Harry, that reflect. Don’t go back tonight.”

“Why no longer?”

“I dunno, I’ve just bought a bad feeling about it and anyway, you could have had too many shut shaves already. Filch, Snape, and Mrs. Norris are wandering round. So what if they can not see you? What in the event that they walk into you? What when you knock whatever over?”

“You sound like Hermione.”

“i’m critical, Harry, do not go.”

however Harry only had one thought in his head, which was to get back in front of the reflect, and Ron wasn’t going to stop him.

That third night he discovered his way more swiftly than earlier than. He was running so rapid he knew he used to be making extra noise than used to be clever, however he didn’t meet someone.

And there were his mum and dad smiling at him once more, and one in every of his grandfathers nodding fortunately. Harry sank down to sit on the floor in front of the reflect. There was once nothing to discontinue him from staying here all night time along with his household. Nothing at all.

Except “So again again, Harry?”

Harry felt as though his insides had became to ice. He appeared in the back of him. Sitting on some of the desks by using the wall was none as opposed to Albus Dumbledore. Harry have got to have walked straight prior him, so determined to get to the mirror he hadn’t noticed him.

“I didn’t see you, sir.”

“strange how nearsighted being invisible could make you,” said Dumbledore, and Harry was once relieved to peer that he was smiling.

“So,” mentioned Dumbledore, slipping off the desk to take a seat on the floor with Harry, “you, like thousands earlier than you, have discovered the delights of the mirror of Erised.”

“I did not comprehend it was once referred to as that, Sir.”

“however I expect you may have realized by means of now what it does?”

“It well it suggests me my loved ones”

“And it confirmed your buddy Ron himself as head boy.”

“How were you aware?”

“I don’t need a cloak to turn out to be invisible,” mentioned Dumbledore gently.

“Now, can you feel what the replicate of Erised indicates us all?”

Harry shook his head.

“Let me give an explanation for. The happiest man in the world could be equipped to use the reflect of Erised like a normal replicate, that’s, he would look into it and spot himself exactly as he is. Does that support?”

Harry idea. Then he stated slowly, “It indicates us what we would like…

Anything we want…”

“yes and no,” mentioned Dumbledore quietly. “It suggests us nothing more or less than the deepest, most determined desire of our hearts. You, who have under no circumstances identified your loved ones, see them standing round you. Ronald Weasley, who has always been overshadowed with the aid of his brothers, sees himself standing by myself, the satisfactory of all of them. Nonetheless, this reflect will provide us neither competencies or reality. Men have wasted away earlier than it, entranced by using what they’ve obvious, or been pushed mad, not knowing if what it shows is real or even viable.

“The mirror shall be moved to a brand new dwelling day after today, Harry, and i ask you to not go looking for it once more. In case you ever do run across it, you’ll now be prepared. It does now not do to dwell on goals and overlook to live, bear in mind that. Now, why don’t you place that admirable cloak again on and get off to bed?”

Harry stood up.

“Sir Professor Dumbledore? Am i able to ask you some thing?”

“certainly, you have just completed so,” Dumbledore smiled. “you may ask me yet another factor, nonetheless.”

“What do you see while you appear in the reflect?”

“I? I see myself preserving a pair of thick, woolen socks.”

Harry stared.

“you can still never have ample socks,” said Dumbledore. “a further Christmas has come and gone and i did not get a single pair. Humans will insist on giving me book (harry potter and the philosopher’s stone audiobook online) .”

It was once handiest when he used to be back in bed that it struck Harry that Dumbledore might now not have been really fair. However then, he proposal, as he shoved Scabbers off his pillow, it had been fairly a personal question.

CHAPTER thirteen


Dumbledore had convinced Harry not to go looking for the mirror of Erised once more, and for the rest of the Christmas vacations the invisibility cloak stayed folded on the bottom of his trunk. Harry wished he might fail to remember what he’d obvious in the replicate as without problems, but he couldn’t. He began having nightmares. Time and again he dreamed about his mum and dad disappearing in a flash of green gentle, while a excessive voice cackled with laughter.

“You see, Dumbledore was once proper, that mirror could power you mad,” stated Ron, when Harry instructed him about these drearns.

Hermione, who got here again the day before term began, took a different view of things. She used to be torn between horror on the inspiration of Harry being out of bed, roaming the tuition three nights in a row (“If Filch had caught you!”), and disappointment that he hadn’t as a minimum found out who Nicolas Flamel was once.

They had just about given up hope of ever discovering Flamel in a li- brary book (harry potter and the philosopher’s stone audiobook download free) onlinelet, although Harry was once nonetheless certain he’d learn the identify somewhere.

As soon as term had started, they have been again to skimming by means of book (harry potter and the philosopher’s stone audiobook online) for ten minutes throughout their breaks. Harry had even much less time than the other two, in view that Quidditch apply had began again.

Wood used to be working the workforce more difficult than ever. Even the endless rain that had replaced the snow could not dampen his spirits. The Weasleys complained that wood was fitting a fanatic, however Harry was once on wood’s aspect. If they won their subsequent healthy, against Hufflepuff, they would overtake Slytherin in the condo championship for the primary time in seven years. Rather aside from trying to win, Harry located that he had fewer nightmares when he was tired out after training.

Then, in the course of one peculiarly moist and muddy practice session, wooden gave the crew slightly of bad information. He’d simply gotten very irritated with the Weasleys, who kept dive-bombing every other and pretending to fall off their brooms.

“Will you stop messing around!” he yelled. “that’s exactly the variety of thing that’ll lose us the healthy! Snape’s refereeing this time, and he’ll be looking for any excuse to knock facets off Gryffindor!”

George Weasley rather did fall off his broom at these words.

“Snape’s refereeing?” he spluttered by way of a mouthful of mud. “When’s he ever refereed a Quidditch in shape? He’s now not going to be reasonable if we could overtake Slytherin.”

The leisure of the staff landed next to George to bitch, too.

“it can be now not my fault,” said timber. “we have now just acquired to be certain we play a easy sport, so Snape hasn’t received an excuse to choose on us.”

Which was all very good, inspiration Harry, however he had another rationale for no longer wanting Snape near him whilst he was once playing Quidditch….